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Current Discipleship Opportunities


Sunday Morning

9:30-10:30 AM

The Wired Word

Facilitator Pastor Gretchin
News is inevitable--whether it be good or bad, but what better way to extract hope from this input than to juxtapose Scriptures as tools to persevere and navigate our daily walk in Christian faith.  The Wired Word is a conversational class that discusses current news items and how Scripture and our Christian walks relate.


Facilitators Jan Crabill/Jennifer Chase

The Cornerstone class typically studies one book of the Bible going for a deep understanding of the scripture & its application to our everyday lives. We are currently studying Mark.

Making Connections 

Facilitator Terry Cotner

This class will be working through a series of topical subjects throughout the year. Topics will include anything from stress to worship, informing and forming our lives with these different subjects.


This class is studying The Mind of Christ by T.W. Hunt. "This book will help you understand how God works within you and transforms you, continually renewing and reshaping your mind to reflect more closely His own. The whole focus is on giving you ideas you can apply immediately in your life."



This class uses the study guide to explore together those things that will encourage us to train our minds to more closely think and respond to the world around us like Jesus would have us do.

Monday Matters 

Facilitators Pastor Danene

This class is intergenerational in design (open to all ages and life-stages) with a focus on creating intentional space for our youth and young adults. The conversation will focus around being followers of Jesus in our Monday through Saturday life; how we live on Monday-Saturday matters. Navigating the Matters of our Monday-Saturday life requires biblical perspective, obedience to the Spirit, prayer, and the help of others.  Beginning January 14, Rev. Gene Schandorff will be doing a 10 week series on The Sermon on the Mount.

Children's Discipleship Classes

Preschool - ages 3 through pre-k.
Elementary - kindergarten through 4th grade.

Middle School - 5th through 7th grade

Using the Wesley Sunday School curriculum, children learn about God’s story and His love, as well as how His story continues in our lives today. Fitting within Lakeview’s mission, the Sunday School hour invites children to be disciples, so that they can love their neighbors and make disciples.

Nursery is also available for children under 3 years old.





Ladies' Fellowship

Facilitator: Pastor Gretchin

This group will be focusing on the many different ways we are bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth and what that means for us as growing Christians and those who haven’t encountered Christ yet.  Bring your own lunch as we eat together and begin conversations, Biblical Studies, service projects and more.  

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